speaking topics

Available for high school, college, university, corporate training’s, conferences for students or business

dynamic Keynotes (45- 60 mins)

  • Loosing You and Finding Me: The Dangers of Toxic Relationships

  • Scatterbrain: The Impact of Grief and Living with Loss

  • Money, Marketing, and Millennial Entrepreneurship: Creating A Business While in School

Empowering workshops (1-3 hours)

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Workshop

  • A Better Way to Break Up: How to Choose Better Partners and Reduce Heartbreak

  • Black Girl Mental Health: Why Relating and Releasing is Therapy

  • The Artist That Profits: How to Generate Income as an Artist


past partners & Clients

Steve Harvey Mentoring Program

Girls With Gifts

Centennial High School

Fisk University

A Woman For All Seasons Conference

Mapplewood High School

Young African American Women’s Conference

Dorsey High School

Dare 2 Be Aware Conference

Artesia High School

The Secret Place

Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance

Venice High School

Mt. Calvary Church



Dr. Gazetta Holts-Roberts Ph.D.,Professor of Education at Tennessee State University

"Jay sauntered in the lives of 560 inner city teenagers at Mapplewood High School and single handedly challenged every preconceived notion and thought they had ever entertained about life. Jay’s presentation is intelligent, informative, and provocative. Through her stimulating poetry, always punctuated with words that penetrate deeply into one’s psyche, she challenges unsuspecting youth to remain alert to those who might want to use and abuse them, then discard them like useless Rubbish! Finally, with unparalleled creativity and ingenuity, she inspires them to use their own self expression as a vehicle of soaring above mediocrity and ultimately catapults them into new realms of excellence and personal achievement."

Itzel Martinez, Student, Dare To Be Aware Mental Health Conference

“When I heard Jay’s presentation at the Dare 2 Be Aware Conference, I was astonished with every word she said especially when she spoke about the ways to identify the right people in your life. I as a person have started using that to separate myself from those who are not helpful to me and my life. Her poems were very true and showed me how I am not alone and I shouldn't have to be with someone who doesn’t value me. Jay is an inspiring, astonishing, amazing speaker and someone who is worth my time. Every single word and phrase she said at the conference really showed me that I can deal with hardships in life better, and I am a person who is now changing because of her presentations that I have listened to. I thank you for your time, for speaking about your experience, and for being at this conference for many students to hear what we needed to hear.”

JaRhon HAywood (csula), Teacher, Dorsey High School

“I am an educator at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, CA and I invited Jay to speak to my students. I had always heard about her work but never saw it for myself. Let me tell you, there are now two days that I look forward to every year; my birthday and witnessing Jay speak to my class! I can’t even begin to say how amazing that day was. Jay was so kind to come and spend the day with us and I honestly cannot thank her enough. She is one of the most selfless people I know. The students were ecstatic to hear her story because so many of them could relate to it, she spoke nothing but the truth. It really moved my heart to see her sharing her passion with us. I would say the most amazing part of the day is when the bell rang for lunch, my students did not move a single muscle because they wanted Jay to continue reciting her poetry. To this day, they still ask about her. She is welcome back to my classroom anytime.’’

Ken Barrios, guest, Growing in power workshop

“I just want to say how incredibly grateful and blessed I was to get the chance to hear Jay speak. I believe God was on my side that day when He told me to wake up and go. I wasn’t suppose to be in her workshop, but I think I was put there for a reason, God placed me in that room for a reason. I am going through a lot right now in life and hearing her speak really had volume. I can’t be more grateful for the opportunity.” 

Courtney Young, eDUCATOR, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

"Inviting Jay So Jay to speak to students in my speech and debate class was the highlight of our year. She came into the classroom with vivacity and enthusiasm; the students could feel her genuine desire for them to succeed. Not only did she share her personal story with the students, but she used her poetry to connect to them. Most importantly, she explained to my students that they each have a narrative that no one else can write. She encouraged them to use their personal stories in their speeches, and to create poetry that would affect the world because of it's truth. Even months after Jay So Jay left our classroom, students still remembered what she said and how she inspired them. Undoubtedly, JaySoJay touched the lives of my students and encouraged them to find their voice and to use it. "

Star Hernandez, Student, President of the Black Student Assembly, Fremont High School 

"I was astonished and completely inspired when I first heard Jay speak. She is so full of energy and wisdom and I could not thank her enough for all that she does with telling her story and speaking her truth. Immediately as she began to speak, it was as though she was uplifting my soul and everything that was originally going on in my life somehow didn't matter anymore."