The Write Book Bootcamp 4 Week Intensive

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The Write Book Bootcamp 4 Week Intensive

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You have a message and story that someone needs to read, but you don’t know how to complete your book! You’ve been talking about completing it, but something always comes up? Well, in this 4 week writers camp you will learn:

  • How to develop a full outline with to guide you to finished book

  • Build a writing schedule that works for you to complete the manuscript

  • How to copyright your book

  • Develop your website to generate an email list and attract your audience

  • Learn the software needed to write your E-Book and publish it

  • Identify your target audience and how you can get your book in their hands

  • How to design your book cover and hire designers to finish it

  • How to put your book on Amazon

  • How to print your book with the write company

  • How to hire designers and negotiate prices with them

  • Create your book synopsis and receive immediate feedback

So get your notebooks and secure your spot! Limited seating available! A link will be emailed with details about accessing the private sessions.


Policy: All courses are original material and should not replicated for any reason. All courses and products and are non-refundable. Payment must be accepted before receiving the course materials. Once you have paid, there will be an email will information about the private sessions. Whether a client attends sessions, does the work, or participates is outside the scope of the provider. For private classes, an email will be sent to you with the private numbers and links to access the course. 

 If you have any issues or concerns please email to receive further assistance.