The Dangers of Silent Suffering Book 2 by Jay Dent


The Dangers of Silent Suffering Book 2 by Jay Dent


When sadness turns into sickness

And sickness turns into sadness

The overwhelming sense of fear

Then turns into madness

As a young adult, Jay gets trapped and attacked by debt, depression, and despair.

Mental health turns into a meltdown  

Cycles of romance and rejection turn into ritual practice

Jealousy then amplifies anxiety

Turning nervousness into a daily discipline to overcome.

From trauma to terror, this heart wrenching memoir explores the dangers of being too strong, quieting your problems, and keeping the wrong people in you circle of influence.

Compared to the biblical character, Job, this story illustrates how vulnerable you become to your enemies when a hedge of protection is lifted off.

Built for those that feel courageous and confused, this book will inspire and warn you

To take authority over your life and

Stop suffering in silence.

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