Mental Wellness 8 Week Life Coach Training


Mental Wellness 8 Week Life Coach Training

1,750.00 2,500.00

What typically takes 2 years to learn in a counseling graduate program, you will learn in 2 months!

Do you like seeing people get free from stressful situations?

Do people feel comfortable talking to you about their personal life?

Are you comfortable with setting goals as a solution to problems?

If you answered YES with a passion, it sounds like you may have the gift of healing.

MWU can help you take your gift and turn it into a profitable business as a mental wellness coach, so you know how to handle people with care, while being yourself.

Don’t worry we will teach you how to do it, step-by-step!

All Coaches Who Earn MWU Certification Receive:

Unlimited Membership

  • Life time access to courses!

  • Certified MWU Coach listing on website directory

  • 10% discounts on retreats and seminars

  • Certified Mental Wellness University seal to use on marketing materials once certified and approved!


Drop-in Classes

  • Access to free online workshops

  • Access to free quarterly continuing education

  • Q & A discussions for feedback with clients

  • Strategy sessions

  • But wait there’s more! We’re always thinking of new bonuses to give coaches!


Mental Wellness University / Life Coach Training 45% OFF Cyber Monday Sale

You have the gift of healing, people come to you for answers, you have knowledge about your particular area, and you just need guidance in helping your clients! Become a Mental Wellness Coach!

This 8 week intensive graduate level training will teach you how to help your clients overcome emotional and mental road blocks, identify negative patterns, and overcome obstacles through essential counseling and wellness practices.

Open your coaching business with your website, marketing strategy, pricing packages, homework assignments for clients, and documentation templates!

Mental Wellness University has everything you need to know to build your business, heal yourself, and heal others!

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