Heartbreak Recovery Program


Heartbreak Recovery Program

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Heartbreak Recovery Program

Sometimes helping you is hurting me.

Sometimes the only way to choose better partners, is to choose to become a healthier version of yourself. From low self esteem, not seeing your worth, choosing people to save, and hurting people before they hurt you- it all contributes to your break ups- now it’s time to make up with yourself!

Join Marriage & Family Therapist ,JaySoJay, in this 3 week training to target past hurts,confusions, abuse, and hurt to cleanse your soul this holiday season.

This program is great for teens, young adults, and adults who still react to relationships with child-like expectations.

Gift this program to those who want to do better in relationships , who want to be whole, and simply need the guidance to get to the next level of glory.

December 6th- December 20th

6pm PST/ 8 CST/ 9pm EST