The Power of R&B Through Jade Novah

I stumbled upon the vocal powerhouse, Jade Novah, on Instagram when she did a remix of Cardi B’s  song, Be Careful, and Drake’s , God’S Plan. I thought her remix was dope and she did a great job mixing everything together and giving it her own spin. However, I did not take the time to invest in looking at her Instagram page, but a couple months later I stumbled upon another cover video of hers. When I heard her voice, I felt like she opened a piece of me and took me to a safe place in the 90s, where people talked about love, talked about missing someone, and exposed the power of her vulnerability.

I then started to binge watch all of her videos. Jade Novah’s voice  was something I have been waiting for-R&B that was actually sung by an African American. There was no cultural appropriation or someone imitating sounds birthed from the depths of Rhythm and Blues creators. I was grateful for her song selection, her vulnerability, her ability to take a classic piece and make it a new classic in her own way.

The song that I hooked me to the talents of Jade Novah was her cover song of,  “Every Kind of Way” by H.E.R . Jade sang this song with such gentleness, kindness, sincerity, and it made me feel like she was making her request to make love to the man God sent her, right there in her room. That song opened me to the possibility to still having that type of love. The type of love that makes you want to create art, never have the two of you apart, the type of love to make you apologize for doing nothing wrong, but you just want to reassure someone that you are not trying to hurt them.

This is the power of music. The power of operating in your gift, and sharing it!

People may see a glimpse at what you’re doing, but it may take a while for them to see the depth of your talent. H.E.R is a game changer in the music game because of her ability to be specific, vulnerable, and detailed with her lyrics. It’s that type of risk that you take to expose your truth and heal from pain. When you focus on the story and not the fame, people will spread your message like wildfire, and that flattery will turn into imitation.

I am so grateful for Jade Novah and the fact that she is keeping R&B alive.

What music are you listening to, and how is it impacting your mood?

What are you allowing to enter your spirit, and does it allow you to produce or create art?

R&B is not dead, thanks to Jade Novah, and H.E.R.

Deep love, strong love, real love, still exists and is available. So when you get it, find it, and secure it, hold on and show everyone so that they too , can become believers.

I now am.