Hot Ground

I had an interesting revelation when I went swimming.

I got to the pool, and my goal was to just jump in the water. I didn’t want to wait or test the water, I just wanted to jump in the deep end with boldness.

When I got to the pool, my plans changed when I took off my sandals and started walking on the ground. It was so hot that I began to hop around and run to shaded areas because my feet were burning. But I remembered that my goal was to jump right in, but I wasn’t doing that.

I was running around the pool starring at the water , trying to figure out why the ground was so hot and burning my feet. Then I realized that the ground was burning my feet because I was never supposed to get comfortable standing on the outside, looking into the pool.

The ground was so hot and made me so uncomfortable that I had no choice but to get relieved of the pain by jumping into the deep end.

What was I afraid of? The cool water? Which would actually be the solution to my problem!

Afraid of being too cold? Even though the sun was beating down on me.

My solution was connected to just JUMPING IN! The Hot Ground was designed to keep me out of my comfort zone, out of excuses, out of avoidance.

What ground is hot in your life?

What is burning in your life right now where you’re constantly avoiding or jumping or feeling uneasy about?

Could it be that you are living on hot ground because you are suppose to JUMP into the deep end?

After this revelation, mentality really helped me in my business. When God revealed that it was time for me to quit my job and create a new business, I did not sit and contemplate if I should or not, I just JUMPED. I made this brand new website in less than 48 hours, I created products to sell, and it resulted in me earning over $1500 in my first month , with me only working with clients for 2 hours a day 4 days a week.

So when things are burning up and you can’t find the peace you’re looking for, consider if you are walking on hot ground, and the heat is designed for you to start using your feet and jump! Dive right in, don’t run around your goal, don’t hide in the shade, the heat is for you to JUMP!

Wishing you the best,