Nothing Works Unless You Do

"Nothing works unless you do."  This quote by Maya Angelou screams "self care" to me. Self care is the act of doing self soothing activities that promote stress reducing symptoms. Self-care is putting yourself first, and making sure to play hard, and not just work hard.

When you don't operate on a full glass, nothing else works. When you are pouring into other people as a performer, mentor, teacher, advocate, parent, or any act of service, it can be draining at times.

Making sure that you are well equipped mentally, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically in essential to achieving your goals.

Self care looks like taking a walk with your dog after coming home from school, eating ice cream with your friends, going to your friends birthday party in stead of staying home and working on the business plan.

Too much of anything is not good.

Write down the 10 things that keep you happy, active, and hopeful. You are worth the personal time.

Nothing works unless you do, make sure you're working at your best!