Some Time

I've taken some time.

Some time for me.

Some time to breathe.

Some time to see

That everything that I have,

Sometimes is just for me.

It's not always meant to be shared

Or given away

It's exactly where it needs to be in the right place.

I don't need to loose time working harder, when I could be working smarter.

I don't need to be in competition with anyone because I am GOD'S uniquely made daughter.

He gave me the gift of time.

So I take that time

And sometimes

I don't text back

I don't answer calls

I stay off  social media

I don't go to the mall.

I just take some time.

Some time to get right

So if you haven't heard from me,

I am accepting God's gift

Taking some time to have God get me right.

  • "Some Time" A Poem by JaySoJay
  • All Rights Reserved
  • Copyright JaySoJay 2017