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I'M JAY! So glad you're here!


What I Do & How I Do It  

I help people get out of emotional and mental bondage and walk into the freedom God gave them.  I serve as a poet, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, therapist and empowerment coach. I use my words to motivate the masses and give you tools to move to the next level in life.

My book, The Dangers of Being Gullible, helps you recognize how toxic relationships kill your peace and sanity. Sharing this freedom strategy with a twist of poetry lead to this book selling out in 3 days!

I advocate for entrepreneurship  and generational wealth for millennials and young adults by teaching you how to write books, tell your story, use your voice, and advance the kingdom of God!

You want to do it to?


I can help you start your business, unlock your creative juices, give a word of encouragement, and offer solutions to your current road blocks!


Work With Me:  


1 on 1 Coaching  Sessions / Motivational Speaker
Poetry / Business Strategist
Clothing / E- Courses
Videos / Author



Halle Berry        Bianca Lawson       Tika Sumpter    Tank    Essence Atkins     Blair Underwood


work with me


Specialized Topics Include:

Relationships   Healing After Break Ups   College Readiness and Strategy     Writing Books

Goal Execution      Creating A Business While in College     Self-Esteem and Self- Worth     Entrepreneurship




Feel stuck? Struggling with self-esteem and self-worth? Need someone to talk to who can empower and challenge you? Empowerment Coaching is for those ages 15+ serious about moving forward in life or business. As an alternative to traditional therapy, sessions can take place in the comfort of your home via telephone & Zoom Video Conference.  


You'll receive a FREE 20-Minute Consultation to discuss your goals, the coaching process and the type of package that works best for you.


Gold Package: 8 weeks

Silver Package: 6 weeks

Bronze Package: 4 week




Jay offers empowering workshops, seminars, and panel discussions for schools, colleges, university's and churches, to motivate your audience to grow with a compelling story and strategies to inspire change.


-The Dangers of Being Gullible Mental Empowerment Workshop

- How toxic relationships affect   academic performance

- Book Writing & Self Publishing

- Entrepreneurship and Branding

- A Better Way To Break Up 


Fill out the contact information and we will send you a form to book your event!



Need a poem for a wedding, birthday, funeral, or for yourself? Can;t find the words and you like Jays flow?

 Jay will write a poem for you! After gathering information about you, your loved one, or and experience that has been on your heart, Jay will make a poem specifically for you or your special someone!

Fill out the short form so we can gather some information about what you want and Jay will email it to you!

All poems will be copy written. Poems start $100